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Local Governing Committee members can be contacted via the school office by phone on 01252 716 305 (option 3) or via email at

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2019/2020 LGC Meeting Attendance


Potters Gate & St Andrew's LGC meeting dates 2020-2021


29th September 2020 at 4.30pm

23rd March 2021 at 4.30pm

18th May 2021 at 4.30pm

Joint LGC and Children & Learning Committee

10th November 2020 at 4.30pm

2nd February 2021 at 4.30pm

13th July 2021 at 4.30pm

Resources Committee

8th December 2020 at 4.30pm

16th March 2021 at 4.30pm

Larry Peppin - Chair of Local Governing Committee

I have been involved in primary education all my working life. I came to Farnham in 1989 when I was appointed as Headteacher of William Cobbett Junior School. In 2014 I was appointed as Executive Head of Weybourne Infant School and William Cobbett Junior School. In this role I was privileged to be involved in the amalgamation of the two schools to form William Cobbett Primary School.

In 2015 I retired. Mrs Venables contacted me and invited me to become a governor at Potters Gate Primary School. Now I feel very honoured to be the Chair of Local Governing Committee of both St. Andrew's Infant School and Potters Gate Primary School. As a joint governing body we are committed to providing a creative, nurturing, Christian and high quality education for all our children.

In my spare time I enjoy trying to keep fit by attending classes at the Nuffield Gym. My other community role is being a member of the Hale village Carnival Committee. The Carnival is held on the first Saturday in July and organising the procession is my responsibility. A great day out for all the family!

Jayne Venables - Executive Headteacher LGC Member

I have been associated with St. Andrew’s Infant school since 2008 when I first started working at the school as Kingfisher Class teacher, and then becoming the Headteacher at the school in 2011. I became the Headteacher at Potters Gate Primary School in April 2015 and it is so exciting to be working with both schools currently.

When I am not working at Potters Gate Primary or St. Andrew’s I like to spend time walking with my lovely Working Cocker Spaniel, Jasper and out in my garden. I have chickens which help with my other passion which is cooking. When I find quiet time I like to knit and read. I live in Farnham with my two teenage children.

Carol Trottier - Staff LGC Member

Having lived in Farnham for 23 years I feel very fortunate to live in such a wonderful town. Since 2009 I have been teaching in Farnham schools and now have the privilege of working with wonderful colleagues and children at both Potters Gate and St Andrew's.

I have three teenage daughters and one very cute guinea pig called Lily. As a family we love travelling, walking, cooking and generally just being together!

Dr. Trevor Walker -  Foundation LGC Member

I have been closely involved in primary education all my working life; and since ‘retirement’, I still am. I have been the headteacher of four primary schools, a lead inspector for Ofsted and was principal inspector/adviser for primary education for Hampshire. I still inspect church schools in Guildford and London.

I have six children, all grown-up (or so they tell me) and eleven grand children who are all of primary or pre-school age, although only three live in Farnham (others living as far away as Cape Town).

It is a privilege to be a Local Governing Committee member at Potters Gate and St Andrew’s. My wife and I attend St Andrew’s Church and the connection between church and school is much valued. The school has a well-deserved reputation for the excellent and caring education within the context of a strong sense of community.

Catherine Knight - General LGC Member

I am really pleased to be able to support St Andrew’s infant school as a co-opted Local Governing Committee member. Our twins started at this idyllic school in 2014 and have enjoyed every day they have spent there. I had gained some insight into school life via volunteering with reading in reception and school trips (which I would recommend) but wanted to learn more about how the school works and develops children locally. We have three children who enjoyed a fantastic introduction to school life at St Andrew’s.

I have worked in destination marketing for the national and regional tourist boards much of my career and now also lecture adults in marketing.

I think it is important parents understand what governors do (and can’t do).


Stefan Carrington - General  LGC Member

Originally from Sweden I moved to Farnham with my young family in 2012. All 3 of our children have attended St. Andrew's and our youngest is still there. Our other two are at Potters Gate and we feel incredibly fortunate to have these wonderfully nurturing schools on our doorstep. I believe the link between the schools works brilliantly and it has been interesting to watch it grow over the past few years. Our children thrive in these communities and as a parent I would like to give something back and support the schools in any way I can to ensure other children also benefit in the future.

I am a classically trained pianist but these days work as an ecommerce and marketing consultant for Electrolux. As a family we love music and travelling.



Dr Andria Degia-Davies - Parent LGC Member

Having lived in Farnham town centre for over 20 years I feel very connected with the local community. I have been a Local Governing Committee member since my daughter started reception at St Andrews in 2016, when I was immediately struck by what a nurturing and holistic environment the school offered. As both of my children now attend Potters Gate I have been able to witness first-hand the positive changes that have come about now that both schools are under one leadership team. The schools collectively strive to offer a curriculum that is stimulating and inclusive, whilst meeting the needs of children who may find their environment more challenging. It is a pleasure to be part of the governing body, and as nominated Child Protection governor I am committed to both support and challenge the Executive Leadership.

I work in Clinical Research as a director within General Medicine, currently focusing on pediatrics and rare disease.

David Edwards - General LGC Member

I’ve lived in Farnham with my partner Elaine since 2004, and I became a parent Local Governing Committee member at Potters Gate when our son went into Reception Class there three years ago. I work in the theatre as a stage director (and Elaine is an opera singer) so it’s been a huge and fascinating learning curve for me to witness the complexities of the education system at close quarters. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and brilliant teaching staff at both our schools. I am committed to my governor role, which is both to support and also to challenge, and ensure a safe and happy environment in which all our children can thrive.

Kathy Pond  - General LGC Member

I became a co-opted Local Governing Committee member for Potters Gate School in 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I work in Education – I am a lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Surrey – and have a son at Potters Gate School. Since being a parent and a Governor I have appreciated how important primary school education is in providing the grounding for secondary and tertiary education. I have been working with Potters Gate School on a number of science activities made possible with a Royal Society Partnership Grant between the school and the University. I am fully committed to ensuring both Potters Gate and St Andrews provide high quality education in a fun and nurturing environment.

Jonathan Wheatcroft - General LGC Member

"I am one of the co-opted Local Governing Committee member at St. Andrew's and Potters Gate. With a financial background as a forensic accountant, I provide help and guidance in respect of managing the schools' resources and its finances. As an outsider (I don't live in Farnham), I also provide an independent and objective perspective regarding the running of the schools.

On a personal note, I have three young children who have just started (or are about to start) their own journeys through the education system. It is fascinating to watch their development at this stage and I fully appreciate how important it is for them to learn in a nurturing and stable environment. As such, I feel privileged to participate as a governor at St. Andrew's and Potters Gate and I'm committed to ensuring that my input is constructive to the schools".

Bonnie Lloyd - Staff LGC Member

I have been working as a Class Teacher at St Andrews since January 2017. Prior to this, I have taught in schools across London, mainly within Early Years. I have recently been appointed as the Early Years Leader across St Andrews and Potters Gate. I am looking forward to working with the team, utilising my knowledge and skills to enhance the teaching and learning of the children within this age range.

I am looking forward to my new role as Staff Local Governing Committee member, hoping to gain a greater insight into how a school works ‘behind the scenes’ and to be a voice for staff members.

Emma King - Parent LGC Member

I have lived in Farnham since 2010 with my husband and two children, the eldest of whom started Potters Gate in 2011. She is now in Year 8 at Weydon and my son is in his final year at Potters Gate. I have always tried to play an active part in their school life, volunteering for school trips, helping the PTA and being a member of the Care Club committee, around my role as an HR Manager.

I am now looking forward to being able to contribute more in my role as Local Governing Committee member, with the opportunity to use my professional skills, qualifications and experience to support and contribute to the great work that is already being done to provide the best education for our children. I am committed to ensuring that Potters Gate and St Andrews continue to thrive and develop whilst retaining the nurturing environment, from which my children have benefitted, so that all children have the opportunity to learn, succeed and shine.

Nicola Budd - Parent LGC Member


Sarah Gudgin - Parent LGC Member

I have lived in Farnham with my husband since 2007. Farnham is such a great place to raise children and we are lucky to have such excellent, nurturing schools at its centre. Our eldest child, Arthur, started at Potters Gate in September 2016 (Jemima started in 2018) and, since that time, I have been consistently impressed by the dedicated team of staff and the tireless contribution of parents.
I am a lawyer by profession and am committed to bringing my skills and experience to my Local Governing Committee member role,
supporting and challenging decisions, as and where necessary. Having recently been appointed, I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to be able to support our schools and to learn more about their inner workings.
As a Local Governing Committee member, I want to help to ensure that all children at our schools have the best opportunities to learn and achieve by ensuring that they have a happy and stable environment in which to start their learning journey. On a more personal note, I am a keen runner, although admittedly, my enthusiasm far exceeds any skill! My other passion is food, hence the (need for) runningJ!

Josey Wisdom - Foundation LGC Member


I have been the youth, children and families worker for St Andrew’s Church since April 2020 and became a foundation member in early 2021.  In my previous job I had great links with the local schools and I’m looking forward to working closely with both St Andrew’s and Potters Gate.  I love how much the children and staff can bring to the life of the church and how members of the church can reach out to families in the parish.