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 Design & Technology  

‘Creativity is allowing yourselves to make mistakes design is knowing which ones to keep’ - Scott Adams  

At St Andrew's and our partner school, Potters Gate, we believe that pupils should develop their independence and knowledge innovatively using a variety of learning styles in DT lessons. It will enable the children to actively contribute to the creativity, culture, wealth and wellbeing of themselves, their community and their nation.  

Knowledge and skills are taught progressively to ensure that all children can learn and practice, which will allow them to develop as they more through the school. Evaluation is an integral part of the design process and allows children to adapt and improve their product, this is a key skill which can be applied throughout their lives.  

We aim for children to:  

  • be inspired to think imaginatively and creatively to become more autonomous and effective problem solvers both as individuals and part of teams. 
  • to become confident to use a variety of different tools and materials, within a purposeful context. 
  • understand the design process of design, make and evaluate. 

We aim to provide pupils with basic life skills to be more confident and self-reliant for when they leave our school. 

Subject Curriculum Overview 

Exemplars of work 

Design-_and_-Technology (ID 1054)



In terms of academic learning, trust significantly promotes students’ acquisition of knowledge. Through D&T pupils will learn to not only trust themselves but also their peers in using various designs, evaluations and use of equipment. Trust in the academic educational process goes beyond gaining knowledge, it also aims to help students become more confident. Trust makes students feel safe and loved, enabling their minds to explore, play, and collaborate. Through the DT progression their confidence grows and they are able to trust their instincts in taking up challenges.   


Children learn to develop their resilience through design and technology as it enables them to actively contribute to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of themselves and their community. By seeing and evaluating their design and further adapting them, children will learn to show resilience by learning not to give up and seeing a purpose behind their designs.  


We aim to cultivate an inclusive, Just and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. In design and Technology, pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively, respecting each other’s ideas, opinions and contributions. They learn to appreciate diversity, embrace different perspectives, and celebrate the achievements of their peers.  


Through group work, children will learn to share and combine their ideas. This will help them to show fellowship as it provides them with opportunities for cultural immersion and expanding their experiential learning. As children peer-assess work and work in teams’ children will develop their fellowship as they learn to help each other to develop and improve.