GSO Test

Play Leaders

2019 -2020

One of the many ideas previous School Councils have come up with was to introduce Play Leaders at lunchtime.

The Play Leaders would assist staff to make lunch time play even more enjoyable for everyone. It was decided that Play Leaders should apply for the position,  to ensure the right candidates would be selected for this important job. So far ALL candidates have been accepted, as ALL our pupils are wonderful, caring and friendly children. A compromise was made to accommodate everyone, and the Play Leaders would job-share.  

Play Leaders' role is mainly to look after fellow pupils, to make everyone feel included and to make play time a FUN TIME

BIG thank you to the previous School Council for the great suggestion and thank you to the Play Leaders for being part of our Lunchtime Team.

Little voices can make a BIG difference

Here are some of the things our Play Leaders wrote on their application forms:

I want to make sure other children are happy at playtimes.

When children are on the buddy bench I would like to help them to find someone to play with.

I want everyone to have a friend.

I want to help make the playground a happy and safe place.

I would like to make sure everyone enjoys playtime.

I want to take any children who are hurt to first aid.

I like being helpful.

I like helping little children to make new friends.

I would like to help people who have just started school to play games!

I am good at looking after younger children.

I like to make new friends.

It’s nice to be kind to other children.